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An older version of the PSiO is currently available on Amazon and potentially other web portals. Kindly note that these devices are not guaranteed as they have an older firmware or may be secondhand devices. They are thus not up to date for the registration and download of programs on our psio platform. Only the PSiO offers acquired through the network of PSiO Ambassadors are guaranteed.

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PSiO Pro Plus 10

11 programs included + 15 programs to download

+ 11 Travel Cases offered

Your network gift : 35 bonus programs (your network gift)

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The PSiO Pro Plus 10, the offer of 11 PSiO configured for professionals

11 PSiO units + 61 programs to be distributed on the 11 pairs. A specially configured model for professionals :
  • 11 pairs of glasses with a Professional Case and 11 Travel Cases offered
  • 11 PSiO Noisebuster Headphones
  • 1000 Information folders for your clients/patients
  • 400 Vouchers
  • Protective ear pads and Headphones covers
  • Manual for Professionals
  • An extensive choice of programs selected specially for professionals

Programs included

140,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 7 basic programs (already in the PSiO memory)

44,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 4 power naps (already in the PSiO memory)

Programs to download

140,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 7 programs from the Functionnal Disorders Package (to download on psioplanet)

160,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 8 programs from the Clinical Use Package (to download on psioplanet)

700,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 35 bonus programs of your choice downloadable for free from our Psioplanet catalog

* Programs value if purchased separately



  • 11 PSiO Glasses with Rubber Coating
  • Gold visor and 10 different colored visors
  • Professional Case
  • 11 Travel Cases offered
  • 11 PSiO Noisebuster Headphones
  • 550 Pairs of Protections Foam for Headphones
  • 12 Pairs of Quality Mono Ear Buds
    (stereo connection in right arm for headset)
  • 12 Pairs of Protections Foam for Ear Buds
  • 11 2.5 to 3.5 Stereo Adapters (for headset)
  • 11 USB Cables
  • 11 100-240V USB Adapters
  • 11 Content Menus
  • 11 Quick Start Manual
  • 1 PSiO Magazine
  • 1000 Information folders for your clients/patients
  • 400 Vouchers


  • Sound level
  • Luminosity level
  • Play / Pause
  • Next file
  • Previous file
  • 8 hours audio-visual content
  • 4h to fully recharged battery


  • 2-year warranty
11 PSiO Glasses Gold Visor 550 pairs of protections Foam for Headphones 12 Ear Buds
+ Protections foam
100-240V USB Adapter





Professional Case 11 PSiO Noisebuster Headphones 11 Stereo audio jack adapters 11 Travel Cases offered