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PSiO Premium

11 programs included + 15 programs to download

+ 1 Travel Case offered

+ 10 bonus programs (your network gift)

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Advantages of the PSiO Premium

In addition to the 26 programs, the PSiO Premium also offers you the possibility to customize the PSiO at will with 10 programs of your choice, for a total value of 200,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK !

The PSiO Premium is a complete model with a particularly soft-touch coating. It has a luxury GOLD MIRROR visor and is a model specifically configured for demanding users :

  • Supplied in a carrying case

  • A PSiO Noisebuster Headphones

  • AC adapter

  • Protection covers for earphones and headset

  • Handbook

  • A wide choice of programs selected specifically

Programs included

140,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 7 basic programs (already in the PSiO memory)

44,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 4 power naps (already in the PSiO memory)

Programs to download

140,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 7 programs from the Functionnal Disorders Package (to download on psioplanet)

160,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 8 programs from the Clinical Use Package (to download on psioplanet)

200,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK* : 10 bonus programs of your choice downloadable for free from our Psioplanet catalog

* Programs value if purchased separately



  • 1 PSiO Glasses with Rubber Coating and Gold Mirror Visor
  • 1 Professional Case
  • 1 Travel Case offered
  • 1 PSiO Noisebuster Headphones
  • 50 Pairs of Protections Foam for Headphones
  • 2 Pairs of Quality Mono Ear Buds
    (stereo connection in right arm for headset)
  • 2 Pairs of Protections Foam for Ear Buds
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Stereo audio jack adapter
  • 1 100-240V USB Adapter
  • 1 Content Menu
  • 1 Quick Start Manual
  • 1 PSiO Magazine


  • Sound level
  • Luminosity level
  • Play / Pause
  • Next file
  • Previous file
  • 8 hours audio-visual content
  • 4h to fully recharged battery


  • 2-year warranty
PSiO Glasses Gold Visor 50 pairs of protections Foam for Headphones Ear Buds + Protections Foam 100-240V USB Adapter



Professional Case PSiO Noisebuster Headphones Stereo audio jack adapter Travel Case offered

7 relaxation programs (value of 140,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK)

Already in the PSiO memory

Letting Go - Photosensitive

This recording helps prepare you for the technology of audio-medicine and gives some advice about how to listen to audio-medicine. It offers a guided relaxation session that helps you to let go in order to benefit as much as possible from the technology used in audio-medicine. Listening to this recording first is therefore essential for people who have never experienced a state of deep relaxation. We wholeheartedly recommend it before listening to any other audio-medicine program.

35 min.

Fall Asleep in the Garden of Gods

In your perfectly relaxed state, detached from everything, this recording will take you on an extraordinary trip, a journey to the borders of the universe, to the edge of your own personal dimension. As you listen you will gradually, step by step, get rid of your worries and fall asleep naturally before the end of the recording!

34 min.

Joy of Life

A running river cleanses the impurities from your memories. Pleasant memories and beautiful dreams from your childhood bump into each other. Two stories take you to the country of light where "negative vibes are cleansed". This recording brings deep relaxation and a moment of intense happiness. It helps you open up to your potential for change and prepares the subconscious to live life positively. It provides a radical key to react constructively to depression !

38 min.

Stress Management - Photosensitive

After taking you on a walk through the woods, past the idyllic scenery of your holiday locations, across mountain streams glistening pure and refreshing water, two metaphoric stories will evoke a scene like you would experience in a dream. They also reach out to your intuitive intelligence, spontaneity, self-confidence and the natural stress-relieving behavior. Gradually, like a pilot in charge of your own destiny, you will be flying your own small plane through the clouds of your existence. This recording contains powerful suggestions that will dispel the concerns that have crystallised in the depths of your subconscious.

Be Happy Again

When your mind gets its magic powers back and becomes an artist, painting everything around it, making life more colourful, when a boat trip makes you experience the simple and essential things in life, two stories help you to open up to joy and to smile at life. Repeated listening to this recording in a special way each time helps worried, broken down minds to.nd solutions by making the necessary changes.

34 min.

Free One's Mind

This is a useful session for everyone... It teaches the mind how to get rid of the accurate, vague, concrete or abstract “ruminations” that jam our thought and tire us out. This permanent state of attention is one of the problems of our civilization. It reduces our natural capacity to imagine, to dream and to allow our mind to regulate numerous “psysiological” functions. Freeing one's mind increases the personal efficiency in several everyday or extraordinary situations, and gives strength to the effect of other “audio-medications”. It teaches how to loosen the grip and how to create a vacuum before going to sleep, naturally, with no side-effects.

Pain Management

Play with painful feelings to reduce or erase chronic pain. Whatever its origin, a chronic pain is felt and it evolves according to the emotional state, the way it is experienced, eloped, fought or appreciated... Man's first medicine used some efficient psychological techniques to reduce, alter or make pains vanish without necessarily reducing, altering or making their causes disappear. The content of this recording finds its inspiration in these ancestral techniques while adding the latest audio relaxation technologies to them.

38 min.

4 Power Naps (value of 44,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK)

Already in the PSiO memory


9 min.

Relax - Photosensitive 15 min.

15 min.

Relax - Photosensitive 20 min.

20 min.

Relax 30 min.

30 min.

7 programs from the Functionnal Disorders Package (value of 140,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK)

Download this package from www.psioplanet.com


Stress directly impacts muscle tension by regulating the size of vascular walls. Relaxation is therefore recommended to complement medication to reduce stress. The world of those who have suffered a heart attack or have angina is full of sensations and signs that are either threatening or seem that way. This makes it difficult for them to have a positive attitude that would help to calm them and make them feel better. This recording fills this hole by helping to direct patients to calm, helping them distance themselves, and by teaching them a technique that will help them instantly reduce feelings of pain and anxiety.

Sensually Yours

Advertising, the movies, television and magazines give us a picture of a world that is so sensual and erotic that more and more men and women feel frustrated because they are not experiencing the same adventure. The sense of failure caused by this mirage leads to failure in the real world that is often much simpler both physically and sentimentally. To let go of this mirage and to.nd the loving, sensual instincts in ourselves, we need to have con.dence in our emotional, subconscious brain. Repeated, intimate listening to this title will help you to discover a thousand ways to surprise yourself... sensually.


Although the physiopathology of migraines and tension headaches are very different, they both respond well to physical and psychological relaxation. Through appropriate suggestions, the muscles of the neck (where the vertebral arteries that channel blood to the brain are located) begin to relax and unconscious vasomotor disorders of smooth muscles are soothed. This programme induces a state of profound relaxation that acts on voluntary and involuntary muscles.

Managing Psoriasis

Difficulty to express your emotions, the fear of displeasing others by daring to say “NO” and bad management of over-generosity are some of the factors that set off psoriasis or which form part of the chronic nature of some psoriatic lesions. In these situations the sub-conscious sends a message to ask you to retreat a little. This message uses your hereditary ground by setting off a reaction on your skin or in your joints, reactions that you are familiar with. The contents of this title help you to understand this message by helping you to decipher it unconsciously so that you can make the expected changes in yourself.


Pleasure is directly linked to your emotional and imaginative state. This is especially true for women. This programme is a rich source of indirectly erotic sensory and visual images that act subtly on the subconscious. Increasing your capacity for erotic fantasy through pleasant and positive visualization is a great way to optimise your orgasmic potential, just like muscular exercise works to restore muscle tone.

Prenatal Relaxation

The risk of premature childbirth, the pain of labor programmed since earliest childhood, and even the risk of breech delivery in the three last weeks of pregnancy are obstetric problems for which scientific literature turns to the role of psychological factors and the effectiveness of appropriate intervention when no biological cause can be identified. The great physical and psychological relaxation obtained through suggestion and sound explains the effectiveness of suggestions directed at uterine relaxation and perineal comfort. For use after the third month of pregnancy.


From psychogenic hyperventilation to allergic bronchial asthma, there are many respiratory disorders where psychosomatics actually spark or aggravate the situation. Profound physical and psychological relaxation obtained through suggestions and musical atmosphere explains the immediate effectiveness and the duration of action of suggestions designed to facilitate respiratory relaxation.

8 programs from the Clinical Use Package (value of 160,- USDEURCADGBPAUDCHFDKK)

Download this package from www.psioplanet.com

Before the Operation

Stress before an operation is situated on the stress management scale as comparable in importance to the loss of a close relative. Listening to this cassette helps you to manage this painful moment especially when you are waiting for your turn, in a queue, on a bed in an impersonal corridor before going into the operating block. It helps to reduce the doses of anaesthetic. So, if you can, it is better to live through these difficult moments in a way that is the least unpleasant.

During the Operation

During a localised operation, patients can sometimes hear the comments of the surgeon and his assistants and this can be disconcerting; they can sometimes feel their body moving and often, because of the high level of stress, need extra sedation intravenously with all the inconvenience that this can imply.

After the Operation

Your entire deep being breathes success in this recorded guide. Your thoughts create the reality around you. It's the new paradigm for personal development. This exercise asks you to visualize your success or an important goal to reach in as much detail as possible, to deeply integrate the image within yourself then to radiate the success you see for yourself all around you. Once this mental effort is completed, the session ends with a deep relaxation pause.

Close to the Heart

When used directly after the operation, this recording helps to avoid post-operational anguish as well as most of the complications we are familiar with (heartbeat problems, anguish, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, shivering, etc.). This material has been used regularly in hospitals after operations since 1994. Besides this, various suggestions aimed at optimising the process of tissue repair such as scarring, and also pain management, make up this recording that can be listened to in the days and weeks after an operation.

Lose Weight

Relax in your calm, serene, inner self. Get in touch with your energy for life so that it can help you to use your capacities to the maximum, to make the right decisions, to get out of the feeling of doubt and frustration. Thanks to an efficient technique and once again the freedom to choose and to find more lasting, more constructive satisfaction, far away from fake hunger, endless hunger! Help yourself with pleasant souvenirs that enhance your qualities, try to regain confidence in yourself, the confidence you need to overcome the difficult moments, more and more easily. It’s just as easy as shaking hands!

Managing Bulimia

True bulimia is an extraordinary way to leave the world of anxiety, emotional discomfort, and memories for a few moments… This ability to hypnotize oneself by eating as much and as quickly as possible is not something everyone can do. Those who have experimented and do it on a regular basis want to understand how to avoid the feelings of guilt, the loss of self-esteem, and the consequences for weight gain and the digestive system that it leads to. The contents of this title, practiced "bulimically", develop the ability to put distance between you and your emotions, but without unhealthy side effects.


Being dependent on sugary flavours applies to food that tastes sugar. Being dependent on real sugar or on types of food that do not have a sugary taste although they rapidly make the blood sugary can correspond to an intellectual need for relaxing substances that have profitable effects on the mood. In any case, the mental routine that has become familiar can decrease and vanish through the regular practise and the induced subconscious listening of these recordings.

Table Yoga

Relax in your inner space of calm and serenity…make contact with your life energy so that it can help you better use all of your abilities, to make the right choices, to leave doubt and frustrations behind...Use an effective technique to rediscover the freedom to choose, to find more lasting and constructive pleasures…far from false appetites, without hunger and without end…! Use your pleasant and positive memories to rediscover the self-confidence needed to overcome hard times more and more easily… It’s as easy as…making a fist…!

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