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Preparation for Audio-Medicine

détente relaxation bien-être comment lacher prise sophrologie hypnose Letting Go
This recording consists of preparation for Audio-Medicine technology and general advice on how to listen to Audio-Medicine...


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Title "Stress Managment"


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General Stress

bien être anti stress vaincre le stress  anxiété combattre le stress
Stress Management

Control stress and anxiety
ruminations culpabilisation obsessions  lâcher prise
Free One's Mind

Letting go of negative thoughts
lâcher prise distanciation sophrologie relaxation hypnose
Zen attitude

Letting go and distancing
stress post traumatique stress stress agression dépression anxiété
Digestion of the Traumas

Overcome traumatic stress and anxiety
separation couple rupture séparer divorce amour
Managing Stress After a Separation

Living with separation or divorce

memoire apprentisage concentration stimuler stimulation

Stimulate memory and learning
(Coming soon)


joie vivre Anti-dépresseur dépression dépressif deprime
Joy of Life
How to stop depression
comment retrouver  contre la déprime dépression Anti-dépresseur
Be Happy Again

Overcoming depression

Sleep - Insomnia

sommeil somnifere  combattre les insomnies
Fall Asleep in The Garden of Gods

Fighting insomnia and sleep problems

Quitting smoking

nicotine cigarettes tabac sevrage
Stop Smoking for Good

Quit smoking and end tobacco dependency

Lose Weight

Weight Management explanations and usage
pour maigrir regime minceur perdre du poids ventre plat
Lose Weight

How to shed the pounds
diete comment maigrir perdre kilos
Table Yoga

Slim with a diet
arrêter le sucre  diabète chocolat sucré régime
Diabetes and sugar addiction
la boulimie boulimique vaincre anorexie dépression
Managing Bulimia

Controlling anorexia and eating disorders

Functionnal Disorders

maux de tête tête nuque migraines nevralgie

Stress-induced migraines
hypertension arterielle arythmie cardiaque extrasystole infarctus tachycardie tension artérielle

Cardiac stress and hypertension
acidité gastrique ulcere gastrique problème digestion digestion brulure d estomac

Digestion problems
hyperventilation  relaxation respiration  système respiratoire  insuffisance respiratoire  asthme

Respiratory distress and asthma
plaque psoriasis peau eczema lesions cuir chevelu
Managing Psoriasis

Sores and eczema
préparation accouchement détente visualisation
Prenatal Relaxation

Preparing for childbirth
Trouble sexuel femme libido aphrodisiaques

Sexuality for women
libido troubles sexuels
Sensually Yours

Reduced libido and sexual dysfunction

mal de dos douleur dos le dos mal dos mal au dos

End back pain
(Coming soon)
douleur chronique maladie fatigue chronique fibromyalgique douleur articulaire
Managing Fibromyalgia

Chronic pain and fatigue
(Coming soon)

Clinic Use

psychosomatique inflammation arthrose tendinite rhumatisme
Pain Management
Inflammation, arthritis and rheumatism
opération sein cancer mammaire chirurgie
Close to the Heart

Breast surgery and cancer
maladie incurable traitement maladie cancer sida longue maladie
My Illness, my Chance

Treatment of incurable diseases such as cancer
dentiste peur peur du dentiste phobie stress relaxation
Relaxing at the Dentist's

Dental phobia and fear
avant une opération opération préparation peur
Before the Operation

Preparation for surgery
pendant une opération opération chirurgie
During the Operation

Relaxation during surgery
Après une opération opération intervention
After the Operation

Relaxation after surgery