Business opportunity

October 2019

You're looking for freedom at work and you're interested in well-being, watch this video!

Hearts Unleashed #95

August 2019

Releasing Stress & Anxiety with Ease with Nicolas d'Offay.

TD PSiO in Amsterdam

March 2019

Photos of Training Day PSiO held in Amsterdam March 2, 2019.

PSiO at the Marriott

September 2018

A video on the PSiO at the Marriott Hotel in Paris.

PSiO Event 2017

September 2017

The video of the big PSiO event of the year on Friday the 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th of September 2017.

PSiO : the movie

December 2017

PSiO 3D animation movie.

What Happens To Your Brain When You Don't Get Enough Sleep

November 2017

There are many things you can do to achieve better sleep...

Is the subconscious immortal ?

September 2017

The conscious gives access to cortical intelligence. It is this gray layer which covers the brain and...

Dr. Lemoine video

April 2017

What are the dangers of traitements related to sleep disorders ?

The PSiO Magazine

April 2016

Magazine with the pioneers, the scientific articles and the catalog, available here in english (PDF file).

Opening network PSiO in California

October 2015

Direction Silicon Valley where our local Leader ambassador inaugurates its second kiosk...

PSiO in California

April 2015

US PSiO Ambassador Victor Som welcomes every day 65 people for demo sessions at the "Palace of Fine Arts", San Francisco.

The PSiO Family

December 2014

Watch the new movie about the PSiO Family...

CNET Video

June 2014

Mood glasses for your psyche : diving into PSiO

The PSiO, an alternative to drugs and medicines

May 2014

PSiO presentation video by the product's designer Stéphane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic.

PSiO in the USA

May 2014

TV report over the PSiO.

Big Boys Toys Dubai PSiO Samer Marzouq

April 2014

Samer Marzouq : Chief-Blogging-Officer, Digital Media Superhero, Car Enthusiast,...

Opening of the first PSiO store

November 2013

The 24th November, PSiO USA has opened the first PSiO store in a Shopping Mall in California.

Eye² Zone at Vision Expo West

October 2013

Check out some of the non-traditional optical products and new technology making an appearance  ...

News 12 Long Island

August 2013

Andrew Ehinger shows us PSiO audio visual stimulation glasses which are thought to help the brain focus and concentrate better.

PCMag's Coco Rocha Explores CE Week's Wearable Tech

July 2013

Video from


Article in the Trends

High-tech glasses from Wallonia to conquer the world. Psychomed commercializes its «portable audiovisual stimulator».

August 2013


Dr. Bailly Interview

Interview with Dr. Bailly.
In french with subtitels in English.

July 2013


Hands-On With CE Week's Hottest Wearable Tech

Video from

July 2013


Enter the relax-matrix: PSiO AVS MP3 Color System...

Press article from

June 2013


PSiO sends you on an audiovisual stimulation

Press article from

June 2013


PSiO in the USA

Infomercial from PSiO USA.

June 2013


Prince mission - USA

The prince mission in California to promote new technologies Belgian

June 2013


Hospitalar Expo - Brazil

PSiO was presented this last 20 th to 24 th of may at the medical fair of São Paulo.

May 2013



Videos from MTV music awards.

April 2013



Before the flight PSiO session at the VIP lounge of
KLM in São Paulo Airport.

May 2013


PSiO in Indonesia

Interview about stress.

April 2013


PSiO in Indonesia

The PSiO with a young autist boy.

April 2013


The PSiO in Martin'Spa

Interview with Christophe Riga in Martin'Spa.

April 2013


Google and PSiO glasses

Eyeglasses offer more than just vision.

April 2013


The PSiO and the Ambassador

Chang-Beom Kim the Belgium Ambassador of South Korea has received his PSiO

April 2013



Interview in gifting room at Connected's Academy Awards Celibrity

February 2013


The 13 Strangest Products at CES 2013


January 2013


Newsletter - Eye²

CES - Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

January 2013


Arizona Daily Star

Photo CES - Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

January 2013



CES - Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

January 2013


Interview of Stéphane Dumonceau

Developer of the PSiO - Bali - August 2012


PSiO for jetlag recovery

< At the Hotel


Claude Challe Label

June 2012 - Signature of the partnership agreement with the Claude Challe label (co-creator of the international "Buddha Bar" label)

< Claude Challe testing the PSiO in Paris