The programs

Initially, three types of programs are offered: RELAXATION, guided MEDITATION and POWER-NAP programs.

To date, a hundred programs are available on the MP3 Store, in a new "MP3 color" format invented by PSYCHOMED !

Distributed internationally and proposing 5 hours of listening content, the PSiO is provided with a series of valuable programs “all zones combined” : the Power Nap programs + a downloadable offered package adapted to the needs of the customer (depending on the area, language and type).

The sessions per day

Morning sessions :
positive visions

Morning sessions allow you to wake up more efficiently with the adequate light and start the day in good shape thanks to positive visualization experienced with your PSiO.

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Afternoon sessions :

They are Power Naps programs which allow you to have a very short and efficient recovery break in music while stimulating the mind. The Result: you will feel highly energized!

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Evening sessions :
relaxing voices

The pulsed colors associated with relaxing voices & music help you stop the incessant flow of thoughts and naturally put your mind at rest ; this is the ideal alternative to sleeping pills.

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