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Vibro-acoustic science allows to produce sounds & vibrations from a specially calibrated recording by sound engineering. Vibratory sound waves are produced in the surface plane on which the transducers are attached. They propagate throughout the body and provide a form of deep massage of the soft tissues and skeleton when the person is lying on the treatment table or in a recliner.

This generates a feeling of intense pleasure on the one hand and a rebalancing of the tensions of the motor and smooth muscles (of the viscera) on the other hand. Some functions are harmonized by this process and further harmonize themselves naturally. There are currently no known contraindications. Each experience is unique. Given the fact that each person is different, experiments can be made using the recordings that have the most effect.

In all cases, the experience is fantastic and the sensation is rich and deep.

Microcirculation improves with vitro-acoustic stimulation

Users notice a sensation of warmth from the first session on. The micro-circulation is stimulated, a rapid vasodilation takes place and this improvement of the micro-circulation produces a sensation of heat in the deep stimulated zones where the resonance of the sound frequencies of 50 to 60 hertz is transmitted. The deep muscles, ligaments and tendons are subtly stimulated and the bone structure resonates gently.

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PSiO Trans assembly tutorial

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