Stéphane Krsmanovic   Back in 1984, Stéphane Krsmanovic started researching states of consciousness at the Free University of Brussels (ULB) as part of his PhD studies in sports psychology under the guidance of Professor Van Fraechem-Raway. Originally specialised in the brain's ability to learn complex movements, Stéphane Krsmanovic gradually began to shift his focus to techniques to develop successful performance both in competitive and corporate environments.

In 1984 and 1985, he studied the effects of sensory isolation on memory, concentration and learning. He then started investigating the effects of sensory hyperstimulation (i.e. variable-frequency audiovisual stimulation). His research revealed remarkable effects on cerebral and information processing capabilities: enhanced creativity, concentration, memorisation and comprehension.

In 1996, he completed the experimentation phase of his PhD with an original experiment conducted in the laboratory of Professor Sorel, an eminent neurologist from the Catholic University of Leuven. Professor Sorel had invented the neoencephalograph (Neo-EEG), a technique that is used to detect brain potential beneath each electrode rather than the difference in potential between electrodes. It was thanks to this experiment that Mr Krsmanovic was able to disprove FFA (Frequency Following Response). The audiovisual stimulation protocols recorded on the microchip of the Dreamer and Mentalstim (the professional model used by doctors) are therefore entirely original and based on discoveries made during an 18-year span of research.

Over the years, these protocols were gradually enhanced with audio software offering suggestions relating to various themes. The psycho-acoustic technologies developed by Psychomed.com's team of doctors and professors (experts in the fields of psychosomatics and superlearning) became also more fine-tuned. Today, these technologies are the reference both in Europe and abroad.

Current research is focussed on developing new and even more powerful programmes.