Why - Values

What is your philosophy ? What do we believe in ?

To enter in the PSiO network is to share a common philosophy and values. The PSiO is indeed more an innovative technology for well-being. It is a new way of living. You probably think that the simple act of "waking up in shape, recover when you want to and sleep peacefully" is life changing. And you are right!

But this great change in your life does not stop there...! To enter in the PSiO network is also a new way of thinking and seeing the world. This is even then that your life changes much more than you'd ever imagined. Let us see how.

The PSiO network, a network of conscience

PSiO is for people that are open to change, who see the world differently. One might think that the PSiO network is for people who aspire to more financial freedom while providing "something" positive in the lives of others. That's right, but in reality it is much more than that... because this "something" can even completely change their lives!

The PSiO gift

By using PSiO, you enter in the subtle world of personal development. That of consciousness and ability to interfere with your reality. A gift of an infinite range... Thanks to the many personal development seminars with lectures by leading experts in the field, you log gradually to the world of well-being and personal development. Thus, with a simple PSiO that you receive by post mail, it is in reality this infinite potential value that you receive.

To enter in the PSiO network is very different from entering another multilevel network because beyond the high-tech product of which you become the ambassador, you automatically enter another dimension, beyond the product itself. It is that of personal development. This is not only your balance, but your personal evolution.

The PSiO is a technology that combines extraordinary light, color, positive suggestion with your conscious and your subconscious. With what you have more intimate: your mind.

No network had so far gathered men and women just around “consciousness”.

The PSiO tribe

PSiO is first designed for all those who want to build a new network of relationships and gain new knowledge. People who are on the same wavelength, who as you are concerned about living a good quality of life. People who adhere to the same values. Together they constitute the PSiO tribe. A tribe that adheres to a philosophy of life resolutely focused on the return to equilibrium but also on the development and self-improvement. It is a search to help yourself first naturally (as opposed to drugs and medicines generating side effects), a sustainable way to make our body and mind. Then, once in personal balance, openness to others becomes automatic. And this is where the network dimension grows and develops in your life.


To enter in the PSiO community, it is also entering a network led by people who yearn for a life more fun, more positive and rich in all areas. To enter in the PSiO community is actually not a direct financial objective; it is above all a goal of life change and personal challenge... while earning money, of course!

This is a big difference because what you communicate by sponsoring the PSiO is actually your own new balance and your personal experience. The PSiO network allows you to develop yourself personally and make money automatically, without thinking about it and therefore quite indirectly.

In fact, by entering in the PSiO network, you become the contractor of your life! Your life will become, progressively with the development of your network, richer, more dynamic and enjoyable.

The success according PSiO

If I told you that success is not anymore judged solely by the number of zeros on your bank account, but more and more by the years of health, happiness and harmony which you can add each year to your personal calendar, what would you think? Does this speak to you? Same for intelligence, since IQ is not the only way anymore to assess your intelligence, because it is your emotional intelligence that determines your ability to evolve in your life story as intelligently as possible.

Using PSiO is a start to managing your emotions. A path that starts after various seminars, conferences and many recommended readings, resolutely take you to another vision of your life and towards harmony. All this while earning more and more money every month, of course.

Precious time

To enter in the PSiO network is also understanding that patiently creating your "network» allows you to become gradually free more and to fully live the PSiO philosophy. If you enter the PSiO network and its dynamics, it's practically a positive circle that gradually moves around you, and helps you have more time for yourself.

The fabulous PSiO rise

Finally, by connecting to the PSiO network, it is with the multiple capabilities of your mind that you will be able to connect.

An adventure of the 21st century that can be lived with an impressive network in consciousness an irresistible momentum of development, for a better world !

Let’s come to join us !

Stéphane Dumonceau
PSiO Conceptor