Morning Sessions

Nova Era

The " Nova Era " series offers guided visualization followed by soothing music to help you let go. This series deals with new trends in personal development like those of the "secret". The series consists of a fairly long meditation during which the topic is approached actively in a state of high awareness. The integration phase is then extended with simple music listened to lying down, if possible, in a state of attention loosening.

The following describes the different steps of the two integration phases :

Phase 1 - Integration process in the conscious mode :
  1. Sitting position, back well straightened, high attention towards breathing with well controlled exhalation, physical calmness
  2. High attention towards breathing and sensory acuity, mental peace
  3. As soon as mental space is available, positive visualization (mental work)

Then :

Phase 2 - Integration process in the subconscious mode :
  1. Lying position, fully relaxed, uncontrolled automatic breathing
  2. Total loosening of the voluntary attention