Is the subconscious immortal ?

The black box

The conscious gives access to cortical intelligence. It is this gray layer which covers the brain and in which all the operations of data analysis are carried out. The subconscious stores all the data that pass into unconscious mode. A kind of black box that stores data in a spacious place because it takes up too much space in the conscious memory or is uncomfortable to the consciousness... Nothing is sure to indicate where the subconscious data is stored. One might even ask the exotic question: "Is all the data stored in the brain?" Or could it be, in whole or in part, put in another space-time accessible under certain conditions? Nothing is certain now.

Access to the subconscious

By disconnecting attention, while remaining awake for example, one can, in any case, have access to these data, have access to the "subconscious". This is what happens in hypnosis or during dreams. The intuition is clearly the witness of an automatic processing of the data gathered in the subconscious. The wisdom of the wise men is another, for it does not arise from a long reflection, but from a feeling or ideas taken from the retreat of experience (which itself relies on a memory ranging from Conscious to the unconscious). Premonition, on the contrary, does not come from the subconscious situated (possibly) in the brain, but clearly from the information fields of the existing life, for sure this time in a space-time where past, present and future cohabitate closely in a hierarchy articulated around the emotional axis. We shall see this later.

But let us return to the subconscious. The subconscious can also be explored through dreams by which data is sometimes mixed in a strange order within a life story which has meaning or is sometimes meaningless. Some drugs such as LSD, magic mushrooms or "Ayahuasca" seem to allow access to data from the field of life and even to go back to the beginning of the universe (if there is a Beginning to this one). The book by Dr. Stanislav Grof who "analyzed" hundreds of people under LSD confirms this. One can indeed go up the family tree of the living by taking this drug. But beware, the journey is not guaranteed and no one can foresee what information stretch will be visited. These experiments, without strict supervision, can sometimes turn very badly and completely destructure the consciousness and the life of the subject who will no longer return unscathed in his “Ego Being”. So caution at this level. Where does the subconscious stop? Maybe we need to separate the data that belongs to the Ego Being and the information gathered since birth and since childhood with the other information that obviously cannot come from these lived experiences? The mind would thus have at its disposal an infinite quantity of information placed in a field not visible and not currently detectable by science. Joe Dispenza confirms this vision at his conferences.

Intuition or Premonition

There is no doubt by analyzing the differences between intuition and premonition that the subconscious does not stop at the simple history linked to the person. The so-called "animals" give us a fine example of what premonition may mean; Dogs that "know" 10 minutes before that their master is arriving, and animals that flee the coast hours before the arrival of the tsunami. For my part, I had many times the experience of premonition either conscious or unconscious, when the data in question were obviously not housed either in my reflection or in the stored experience. This is the case, for example, when the phone rings and we know in advance who is on the phone even if the person has not given a sign of life for years. Every time a friend lands in Belgium, I call him when the wheels of the plane have landed and he has just switched on his mobile phone. And I have no idea of his comings and goings in the world. But how do we have access to this information? Everyone knows the effect of "eyes on the back" when someone stares at you, even a hundred meters away, and yet is not in our field of vision. We sense it and turn naturally... The famous English scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, measured and calculated that in 60% of the cases, the feeling is confirmed. This is more than the probability of chance.

The conscious gives access to cortical intelligence. The layer of gray matter made up of several layers of cells allows analysis, comparison and deduction. It is in this layer that the sensory data are analyzed and it is from there that orders to the muscles are given and the whole locomotor apparatus is driven. According to official science, the spirit develops from these ingredients. It is the thesis relayed by the Francis Crick, discoverer of DNA,, who claims in his book written 20 years ago, "the astounding hypothesis or the scientific research of the soul" that conscience is nothing more than a collection of synchronic data from the different sensory areas. At this moment, according to Crick, the neurons discharge on the same frequency and this explains the state of conscious attention. Unfortunately we end the book with great frustration.

Other researchers like Rupert Sheldrake, cited above, claim that if consciousness is localized in the brain, it would only play a role of receiver-transmitter. It emits signals due to the emotions or thoughts developed through analysis and observation but also captures the global field, which allows it to seek information in a space other than the brain itself. The mind would thus have at its disposal the normal memory of the elements learned, and then the data gathered in the subconscious that allow automatic processing of a large number of unconscious data. Then the mind has, at its disposal, other infinite data it seems. This explains life experiences lived during previous incarnations, which are probably only accidental access to data located in another space-time. On the other hand, it was found that in case of danger one could have access to certain useful data allowing a decisive choice which without them would lead to death. These sometimes accidental leaks would therefore, in other cases, make sense! There is no evidence that the subconscious and its access via intuition are placed in the brain. As for the premonition, its magical, "synchronistic" and strange character proves its relocation with that of the isolated spirit in the brain located in the cranial box. The universe and reality could be defined by information - waves and the brain would play as a receiver equipped with a subtle system translating the accessible data in signals or in thoughts.


What happens to the spirit after life? Today no one can dispute that in the analysis of the “infinitely small” where studies have been conducted methodically, common sense is lost. The consciousness and the observer modify the nature of the waves which are transformed into particles. The particles are linked together regardless of the distance, etc. The notions of matter and energy merge. But where is the spirit in the matter? How to understand consciousness? Finally, we find ourselves facing an ocean, apparently unlimited, of data more or less accessible depending on the condition of the receiver installed in our brain.

Once the matter has disappeared and the receiver has deteriorated, does something remain of the Ego Being ? its spirit ? It is now felt that this is the case. If the information of the deceased is always accessible via the universal information field, one may ask whether these data are animated by a specific activity or whether they are passive as listed in the cosmic library. The amount of information defining the Ego Being does not disappear in any case, not in view of the above. It is always accessible. But is this mass of information always animated by a "personality" ? in some way "alive"? Can we bet that this is the case in view of the hundreds of thousands of spiritual experiences that have come down to us? Doubt remains.

The cosmic cloud

That said, how to model this assertion that remains hypothetical to this day ? To draw a picture that everyone will understand, let us imagine a cosmic "cloud". At every moment, the data that defines our life including our thoughts are instantly "downloaded" into the cosmic cloud. We are literally in it; Our brain, like an antenna, bathes and "downloads" and "constantly updates" data until death. There, the transceiver stops its communication with the cloud. The entity represented by this immeasurable package of isolated data represents the life of an individual, his thoughts, his actions and personality. At every moment this entity of data is enriched. Until the last day, that of death. But can we find evidence? Indeed, the entity that subsists in this other space-time is hardly imaginable by our spirit educated from the start in only three dimensions. Since the dawn of time, human beings have foreseen that this is indeed the case. Let us leave our imagination flow now. The brain is a transceiver that bathes in the field of the living. The spiritual entity that composes Ego as it is, is built over time with its “double” downloaded simultaneously in the "cloud". After death, the immaterial entity composed of the data of the Ego Being continues a certain existence in a space-time where past, present and future cohabit at the speed of light. In this world, there is no more time. Time is sort of "spatialized". The mind is then connected to all the living and has access to... omniscience. This seems confirmed by the hallucinatory testimony of Anita Morrjani (Tedx) :

Tedx conference by Anita Morjani: Anita tells us how to get a terminal cancer, after years of struggle, she falls into a coma but... comes back healed 5 weeks later!

Watch the video

We must remain humble and see our unfamiliarity with reality. This is doubtlessly so sophisticated in complexity that no human mind can grasp it conceptually easily. In any case today.

Kind regards,

Stéphane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic


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