Wellbeing Assessment

Make your « well-being » check Up

This questionnaire will help you assess your emotional balance. Take the time to answer each question and then, at the end of the questionnaire, click on the ‘Wellbeing Assessment’ button and the result of your wellbeing assessment will be displayed.


During the last 5 or 7 days :

I saw my future with optimism
I liked helping others
I quarreled
I felt frustrated (e) sentimentally
I was panicked
I wanted to make love
I found the others quite pleasant
I had a hard time making choices
I had nightmares
I enjoyed meeting others
I wanted to die
I was happy to live
I wanted a cigarette
I avoided eating to my hunger
I felt fear
I wanted an alcoholic drink
I was discouraged
I had trouble fixing my attention
I wanted sweet food
I thought I would be worth as much as the others
I laughed
I shook, shivered, sweated or cried for not much
I was without appetite
I woke up very early for no reason
I was attentive not to disturb others
a fixed idea has harassed me
I felt much less fit in the morning than in the evening
I was sad
I fell asleep with ease
I thought life is not worth living
I felt superior to others
I felt my life rather successful
I had confidence in myself
I felt that everything requires a great moral effort
I was able to relax
I took a sleeping pill
I got angry
I ate a lot in a short time
I heard accusing inner voices
I felt sexually frustrated
I reacted serenely
I got sick
I wanted to hurt others
I thought I deserved my difficulties
I weighed myself
I wanted to hurt myself
I felt appreciated by others
I was annoyed by others
I blamed myself
I thought I was helpless or frigid
I cried
I was surrounded
I sighed
I found myself too big
I was relaxed
I measure : centimeters (example: 175) and I weigh  : kilos

I wish to see my