New PSiO headphones with noise reduction

Noise canceling headphones are headphones that reduce unwanted surrounding sounds by using active noise control. This is different from passive headsets which, if they minimize surrounding sounds, use techniques such as soundproofing thanks to the headphones shell.

Noise cancellation allows you to listen to audio content without unduly increasing the volume. This type of headphones allows listening to soothing recordings in an environment that is not always calm (hospital, operating room, noisy medical or dental office, etc.). This technology will also be used in shopping centers or exhibitions for PSiO Ambassadors eager to make an optimal demonstration. It can also help a passenger to sleep in a noisy vehicle such as an airliner. In the aeronautical environment, noise-canceling headphones significantly reduce noise, far more than passive headsets, making it easier to hear important information contained in the PSiO and its «Audioceutical» recordings. The noise canceling headphones can therefore improve listening by compensating for the effect of disturbing or distracting noises and will therefore increase the overall comfort when using the PSiO. The «letting go» will be all the easier...

We will redirect you to a PSiO ambassador in your region for a free discovery session.


Technical Specifications

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Noise reduction depth/bandwidth : 25dB 50-800kHz
  • Bluetooth version : Bluetooth 5.2
  • Paring name : X6 ANC
  • Driver : 40MM
  • Impedance: 320HM
  • Usage frequency : 2.4GHz
  • Power Level : CLASS II
  • Battery Capacity : 400MAH+NTC
  • Frequency response : 20-20000Hz
  • Bluetooth distance: Barrier-free about 10m
  • Charging time : 2h
  • Talk time : 40h
  • Music time : 45h
  • Standby time : 250h
  • Noise reduction chipset : AC7006F8
  • Charging power supply : 5A