Some indications to better benefit from this technology

  • If possible, take time off each day for a relaxing break. If possible, use the device in an environment where you will not be disturbed. The ideal is to use it at the time of the nap, after work at the end of the day or before sleeping. Some people use the PSiO also in the morning on some specific programs.

  • Find a comfortable position.

We invite you to experience these processes that will benefit you. Develop a comfortable habit for the next few weeks. Note how your experiences are different from one moment to the next, and how your reactions to anxiety situations are modified as soon as you use the PSiO regularly.

Some tips for use

  • Always choose a suitable place for rest, where you can relax without being interrupted while having sufficient time to enjoy the session as well as a moment of relaxation then, in complete tranquility.

  • Remove any tight clothing, take off your shoes, lie down or sit comfortably in an armchair. If you close your eyes during the session, the light will diffuses through your eyelids.

  • During the first sessions, make sure that the light intensity regulator is set to a relatively low level. We suggest in later sessions to gradually increase the light intensity and the sound volume in order to increase the impact of the device, knowing that the only recommendable measure is your comfort. Refer to your own sense of comfort to adjust the device and to do so choose the intensity and volume that you think are adequate and comfortable for you personally.

  • Since the PSiO is a training and brain gymnastic equipment, it naturally has a cumulative effect. The more you do sessions, the more you train this muscle that is metaphorically your brain and at the most it will be easy to reach the desired states of consciousness.

  • The PSiO has no known contraindications (except in the case of people suffering from epilepsy and for whom intermittent light may be the cause of a seizure), there is no disadvantage to perform several sessions per day. The sessions can even be followed successively to evolve towards a deeper relaxation. But it is obviously not advisable to follow a program of concentration immediately after a program of relaxation!

  • After a PSiO session, set up a period of calm or activity that does not require high alertness like driving in a car or handling a dangerous tool!

Precautions for use

  • When downloading, do not remove the cable until the download is complete! This would definitely deteriorate the PSiO and the guarantee could not be applied in this case.

  • When travelling with the PSiO, do not forget to remove the earphones.

  • Do not touch the lenses of the glasses. If there are fingerprints, clean them with a dry cloth.

  • Do not use the PSiO in abnormally dusty or dirty places.

  • Avoid contact with excessive moisture.

  • The device is designed to withstand shocks of moderate intensity.

  • Do not leave it exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, or inside a closed car on hot days.

  • Clean the glasses from time to time with a clean cloth and water to prevent grease and dirt from accumulating on the glasses.

  • Please connect and disconnect all connections by plug. Do not remove the connections by pulling on the wire: the wire may be damaged.


Note: There is an optional extension cord to connect a stereo Headphones directly to the right plug (see drawing).


How to enjoy a PSiO session.

1.Connect the headphones.

2. Turn on your PSiO by pressing > II (ON). The message "Plug your PSiO" is displayed: for the first use, leave the battery fully charged (about 4 hours until the battery light is all white.) Note that by pressing and holding this button (min. Seconds), you turn off your PSiOO.

3. Use the I << and >> I buttons and the display to select one of the titles loaded on your PSiO.

If you reverse, the title first returns to the beginning of playback, so you must press a second time to select the previous title.

For your first session, select the "TUTORIAL" in your language. If your language is not available, download it for free from the MP3 Store.

4. Settle comfortably, press > II (PLAY) to start the TUTORIAL, set the "PSiO" and set the headphones.

To end a session

Please press the > II button for more than 3 seconds to turn off your PSiO.