PSiO Manual

WARNING : The use of the PSiO is safe for most people as no serious side effects are known. However, there are a few particular cases where the PSiO should only be used with the prior approval and monitoring of a medical or health care professional: while on medication, or persons suffering from any sort of serious medical condition, including epilepsy, brain injury, visual photosensitivity, etc. Please consult with a medical professional if these or any other unusual symptoms occur. PSYCHOMED makes no implicit or overt claims for cure or treatment of any medical or psychological disorders. No expressed or implied medical claims are made for PSYCHOMED products. These products should not be used for the relief of any medical or psychological conditions.

PRECISION : some people think that pulsed light can promote seizures. This is ONLY true for people ALREADY suffering from epilepsy. It is not possible to BECOME epileptic because of pulsed lights; if you are unsure, use the PSiO sessions only with non-pulsed light.

1. Introduction

Please read the following pages carefully before using your PSiO. It's important to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of the device and its programs.

The PSiO is intended for use as a recreational device, to stimulate feelings of well-being, optimize learning abilities, enable quicker recuperation and as a tool for personal accomplishment and development.

Welcome to the PSiO community !

You've just purchased a personal development tool that you can use throughout your life! This purchase will likely be a relatively important turning point in your life. From now on you won't be alone in managing difficulties, in dealing with fatigue, and in handling the many imbalances caused by stress and work overload. Your PSiO can help you in many different ways. The entire team has worked hard to perfect the many programs that can be downloaded from onto the device now by your side!

What is the PSiO ?

The PSiO is a pair of glasses equipped with small earphones, an MP3 reader and a generator of colored and rhythmic light. It's a powerful relaxation tool that stimulates the mind and saturates visual and, at times, auditory zones with stimulation at specific frequencies to enable a quick letting go of attention.
Rumination stops quickly. And since the mechanics of attention require a great deal of energy, the mind relaxes deeply, recharges and renews its resources. The sessions programmed into the PSiO generally last from five to 30 minutes. The result is a feeling of renewed energy, like after taking a good nap. This state of awareness at rest is also known to be very permeable to suggestion.  Dozens of personal development programs can be downloaded from (weight management, sleep inducement, anti-depression, etc.). They turn the PSiO into a personal development tool.

What happens in detail ?

1st stage: the user's attention is focused by a visual scene consisting of hypnagogic images. They are particularly well absorbed by the mind which can't interpret this unusual type of stimulation.
Awareness becomes purely sensory and analytical thought declines and is transformed into audio-visual perception. Consciousness becomes pure sensation.

Music and voices are felt much more deeply, literally "sensorially" and, in any event, very differently from the way they would be through normal listening or with a simple audio device.

2nd stage: attention gradually begins to float (more or less so, depending on the length of the stimulation). Eyelids automatically close while stimulation continues to pass through them. They become a second projection screen for the visual stimulation.

3rd stage: the visual stimulation generally becomes monotonous and repetitive. Eyes gradually roll back in their sockets into a natural, fully relaxed position. At this point, the visual stimulation is restrained both in intensity and in frequency variation. Attention is completely at rest. Letting go becomes total at this point!

The result:

Awareness usually requires a great deal of energy. This forced rest therefore leads to recovery and has an energizing effect following the session. It's a like a regenerating flash siesta (except that it can be induced at will!).

Note that the mind is very open to suggestions when attention is at rest. It continues to hear everything but no longer listens closely. Messages are no longer filtered by awareness. This makes the PSiO a fantastic tool for suggesting positive messages to your deepest self.

How does it work ?

PSiO action zones
The PSiO acts on the mind like the tuning button of a radio.

How can you find out what the PSiO can do for you ?

Our mind is constantly transported via anticipation and memory zones to places filled with images and ideas that often repeat themselves. This is called rumination. We're often not even here. We don't live in the present moment!

We're in the past or in the future, and we forget the present...We forget the feeling of being alive which should be omnipresent! True, this is often easier said than done. However, the PSiO offers a very practical solution to this issue. Let's find out how!
Rumination stops, feeling is born in the present moment:

The PSiO inevitably guides the mind through different states of awareness. What happens in most cases? The sounds and lights produced quickly invade auditory and visual sensory zones. Rumination stops automatically to give way to the contemplation of colored visual scenes. If the programs are short, attention is directed primarily to audiovisual perceptions in the present moment (a state related to meditative contemplation) rather than to memorized thoughts or to areas of consciousness dedicated to anticipation.  
This will enable you to appreciate music much more deeply and in much greater detail. Some people say that they "literally live the music".

If the programs continue, attention begins to float and the mind gradually begins to relax, first slowly then…radically! That's the reason why the PSiO always acts as a mental recuperation tool and has an undeniable energizing effect.

The longer the program, the more it gradually directs the mind to a state of attention at rest. It's a special state in which you are still awake but think that you are asleep (if someone speaks to you or touches your arm, you realize that you weren't sleeping yet...). This is a state of mind in which you can still hear everything, but no longer listen...This is known as "subconscious listening" (the conscious mind no longer filters messages because attention is no longer engaged).

This state of mind is also known as the "sophroliminal state" by sophrologists or the "twilight state" by others. It's a state of awareness in which the mind only rarely stops because it normally goes to sleep next.

Thanks to the PSiO, the mind is kept at the edge of sleep but remains conscious. The state has certain particularly interesting properties: it is known to be favorable to suggestion because the mind is more permeable. It is also known to be excellent for recuperation because, in this state, the mind and awareness are completely at rest. There is a sense of renewed resources.

Reaching this state is therefore beneficial for people seeking rapid and effective recovery such as night-shift nurses, pilots with jet lag, students during exam periods and business men and women who are stressed out by their difficult working conditions.

Letting go

What makes the PSiO so effective? The PSiO simply uses certain sound frequencies and pulsating lights (which have undergone electroencephalography studies) that have a surprising power to distract and to lead the mind to new levels of consciousness that are not usually mastered. For example, it's difficult to will oneself to let go, that is, to release your awareness level. The PSiO makes this child's play!

Another example is positioning oneself at the edge of sleep, without falling asleep. With the PSiO (using certain programs, including the RELAXATION and MEDITATION programs), you are brought to the edge of sleep and can stay there for as long as the suggestions take place or the program keeps you  there.


You have to try the PSiO to understand the extent to which it takes the mind...elsewhere. In an inner world, stopping rumination completely, it is without a doubt the new way par excellence to regenerate intelligently and recuperate faster, regardless of the application mode selected. The common denominator of all of the states of mind it generates, and its only side effect, is an undeniable energizing power!

The PSiO stands apart from all of the chemical methods that were the only way available to create these types of effects until now. It's harmless and can be used as many times as needed.

References : use in extremely stressful environments

The technique has been used in hospitals since 1994 to enable surgeons to operate without using intravenous sedation for the entire duration of a procedure under loco-regional anesthesia.

As the old saying goes "he who can do more, can do less"! This means that you can enjoy the benefits of your PSiO just as effectively in private use (like anchoring by voice with evocative images and positive suggestions for your deepest self).

See the references in the History section at

With respect to the impact on learning, you should know that the state at the edge of sleep is known for its benefits in terms of processing accumulated data and their memorization. Students can make intensive use of this during exam time!

Enjoy !

S. Dumonceau-Krsmanovic

2. PSiO application field categories

The PSiO is a pair of glasses chock full of high-tech electronics that emits colored lights and pulsing sound. The download platform is its complement. It's a new world of diverse applications there for you to discover as soon as you connect your PSiO to your computer. You can download all of the programs you need: applications for your wellness and a return to equilibrium in a constantly changing world. But there's more to it!

There are three families of PSiO applications and, in a way, three states of mind for use :

Morning : Meditation

Afternoon : Power Nap

Evening : Relaxation

The result is a major increase in personal abilities. Starting with the three levels of consciousness generated and maintained by the stimulation produced by these incredible "glasses", there are dozens more programs with different themes :

  • For example, stress management for headaches
    This is one of the many applications of the RELAXATIONmode
    (with suggestive voices, cool music and nature sounds)
  • For example, integrate succes
    One of the many possibilities of the MEDITATION mode
    (by voice and guided meditation)
  • The creation of a state promoting memorization
    This is one of the applications of the Power Nap
    (with sound and colored lights)

PSiO application field categories


The meditation application programs are divided into several categories :

  • Meditation and guided visualization (the "Nova Era" series)
  • Conscious meditation followed by letting go and subconscious listening (the "DOUBLE YOU" series)

A. NOVA ERA : Meditation and guided visualization

Thanks to the PSiO, you are brought into the moment and to present sensations within the first seconds of use. Into auditory and visual sensoriality. This immersion in the present is totally irresistible. All of the NOVA ERA programs are designed as meditation facilitated by color that inundates the visual zone, the most important sensory area of the brain. It's the first use of the PSiO. This is the reason why people who have been practitioners of meditation for many years will find it helpful for their friends who think meditation is difficult and feel excluded from this "superior" community. The PSiO provides assisted access to this potential. It then becomes easier to do the same exercises without the PSiO... or to come back to it when needed.

NOVA ERA themes are proposed after clearing the cortical area. The programs can therefore be considered to be positive visualization aid programs.


The "Double You" line (double listening) has topics that are more focused on personal development. They enable the combining of the techniques used in the first two paragraphs and the combining of conscious then subconscious listening on the same theme during the same recording. The mind relaxes and lets go better after a "contraction" (using an analogy with muscles as a metaphorical representation).


RELAXATION section titles are developed by people specialized in relaxation. Most of the titles have been used in a hospital environment since 1994. All of the titles, also called "AUDIOCAMENTS" in Belgium, are sold only in pharmacies and are exclusively prescribed by general practitioners. Depending on the theme, you simply have to select the title to put in your PSiO and let yourself go. No effort is required other than...doing nothing! All of the titles are matched with functional disruptions that can be treated by emotion-based means that complement the general treatment. This method is being rediscovered today in general medical practice.

Warning: the RELAXATION programs do not replace medical treatment in any way and are intended to complement it. The Belgian Ministry for Health recommends the use of audiocaments as an alternative to counter the over-consumption of sleeping pills and anti-depressants (see the annual brochure on the site).

Power Nap

Energy renewal is the common denominator of most of the sessions in the PERFORMANCE section that you will do. Its energizing power is such that you will need only a single session to fully appreciate it.

The "Siesta" and "Relaxation" programs will be of great help after work, intense study or when you take a siesta. The "memo" 1 and 2 programs are specially designed to improve memorization after intense study. Concentration can be boosted with the "concentration" 1 and 2 programs. It's necessary to assimilate then memorize in order to learn well. The PSiO's SLEEP 1 and 2 programs provide a good night's sleep by enabling you to fall asleep quickly despite the anxiety caused by the stress common to every exam period. The PSiO is a strong ally when taking on exhausting intellectual work.

The Power Nap MUSIC applications enable you to renew your ideas and regenerate in the present moment, with a purely sensory experience, listening to the music of Claude Challe, the well-known party organizer of the Bains Douches de Paris and the international jet set.

Claude Challe was the originator of LOUNGE MUSIC, among several other contemporary movements and trends. He is known for his popular "Buddha Bar" label which is known virtually around the world. Practically everyone has danced to, or had a drink, while listening to Claude's lounge music. We are very proud to offer PSiO buyers this new and original way to regenerate while listening to this bewitching music.

We will gradually add new labels to this section to make the application particularly extensive and varied. It's the fun and amusing side of the PSiO which includes its energizing power as a direct added value.

3. Using the PSiO

By making this purchase, you've taken an important step toward managing your mind's abilities in an innovative way. You'll discover that it's one of the easiest personal development tools to use, and one of the most useful. You simply need to use it a few minutes a day, without being disturbed and fully immersed in this unique experience. This minimal effort will - over time - have a considerable impact on your development and wellness!

Some people experience immediate benefits, as soon as they use the PSiO, while others require a little more time. In any event, it won't take you long to be satisfied with the results.

We now have nearly twenty-five years of experience with this technology. Over 250,000 users (of the earlier "Dreamer" version from 1987 to 2000, and the "Mind Booster Decoder" version from 2000 to 2005 and millions of sessions provided by healthcare professionals. This very extensive experience enables us to be definite in our statements about this topic.

In addition to our clinical experience in many hospitals over the years (see the "Medical References" section), the PSiO is also based on the principle of intermittent audio-visual stimulation. Multiple studies have been done on the effects of sensory stimulation on brain rhythms. See the "Scientific Studies" section on the site.

This model is a version that already includes a range of pre-loaded programs.

A few tips for use

If possible, make time to take a break and relax every day. If possible, use the device in a place where you won't be disturbed. Ideally, use it when you take a nap, after work, at the end of the day or before going to sleep. Some people also use specific PSiO programs in the morning.

Find a comfortable position.

We encourage you to try these approaches, which will be very beneficial to you. Develop comfortable habits for the coming weeks. Note how your experiences change from one moment to the next and how your reactions to anxiety-provoking situations are modified as soon as you begin to use the PSiO regularly.

Always choose a suitable place to rest, where you can lay down without being interrupted while having enough time to appreciate the session and a moment of relaxation afterwards without being disturbed.

Loosen any binding clothing, take off your shoes, lie down or sit comfortably in a chair. If you close your eyes during the session, diffuse light will pass through your closed eyelids.

Be sure to set the light intensity regulator to a fairly low level for the first sessions. We suggest that you gradually increase the light intensity and the sound volume over following sessions to increase the impact of the device. However, remember that your comfort is the most important measure. Base the device settings on your comfort level. Select the intensity and volume that feel right and comfortable for you personally.

Given that the PSiO is a device for training and mental gymnastics, its impact is naturally cumulative. The more sessions you do, the more you will train your brain, metaphorically a muscle, and the easier it will be for you to reach the desired states of consciousness.

The PSiO doesn't have any known contraindications (except for people who suffer from epilepsy and in whom intermittent light can set off a seizure). There are no known reasons not to do several sessions a day. The sessions can even follow one another to help you move to a state of greater relaxation. However, it's obviously not recommended that you do a relaxation session immediately after a concentration program !

After your PSiO session, set aside a moment for quiet or an activity that doesn't require a high level of awareness such as driving a car or using a dangerous tool!

Precautions and helpful advice

  • Don't forget to remove the earplug jacks for travel.
  • Don't touch the lenses of the glasses. Clean any fingerprints with a dry cloth.
  • Don't use the PSiO in places that are unusually dusty or dirty.
  • Keep it away from high humidity.
  • The device is designed to resist moderate shocks only.
  • Don't leave it exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time or inside a closed vehicle on very hot days.
  • Clean the glasses from time to time with a clean rag and water to avoid any accumulation of grease or dirt on the lenses.
  • Hold the jack when making connections and disconnecting. Don't disconnect by pulling on the wire: it could be damaged.

When downloading, never remove the cable before the download is completely finished ! This will damage the PSiO and your guarantee will no longer be valid.


Note: You can buy an optional extension to connect a stereo headset directly to the right plug (see diagram).

Instructions for use

Session steps

1. Connect the earphones.

2. Turn on your PSiO by pressing >II (ON). The message "Plug your PSiO" is displayed. Allow the battery to charge fully for the first use (about four hours, until the battery light is white). Note that if you push the button longer (min. 3 seconds), you will shut your PSiO off.

3. Use the I<< and >>I buttons and the display to select one of the titles loaded on your PSiO.

If you go back, the title will first go to its read starting point. You will have to push a second time to select the previous title.

Select the TUTORIAL in your language as your first session. If you don't see your language, you can download it free from the boutique.

4. Settle in comfortably and push on >II (PLAY) to start the TUTORIAL, put on the "PSiO" and put in the earplugs.

PS: always be sure to remove the earphones before taking off your PSiO.

To end the session

Push on the >II button for more than two seconds to shut off your PSiO.

4. The screens

Charged battery icon / Flat battery icon

The icon on the screen will display four solid bars when the battery is fully charged.
The battery icon will show no bars when the battery is nearly flat. You should charge the PSiO using the AC adapter.

Battery charging icon

The battery icon will display an electrical plug after the PSiO is connected to the AC adapter or the computer. This icon will remain as long as the battery isn't fully charged. When the battery is fully charged, the icon will be white without a plug.

 “PSiO Glasses initializing” message

This message appears briefly when the RESET button is pressed. The message “Plug in your PSiO” will display after a few seconds.

“Plug in your PSiO” message

  • Either the PSiO battery isn't charged enough and has to be connected to the AC adaptor and charged 100%.
  • Or you just pressed the “RESET” button. This erases the battery charge level and sets it to zero. You must connect the PSiO to the AC adapter to charge it 100%.

IMPORTANT:  if you used the “RESET” button, DON'T interrupt charging until the battery is 100% charged, that is, until the battery icon displays an electrical plug (see the “Battery charging icon” section).

“USB Mode” message

This message indicates that the PSiO is connected to a computer and is ready for file transfers with the computer. The PSiO cannot play a session and the battery charges in this mode.

“No MP3 Files” message

The PSiO cannot find any MP3 files in memory. Connect it to a computer to display its contents.

  • If the PSiO opens correctly on your computer but doesn't contain any files, it means that the MP3 files have been erased. In this case, load the PSiO with the MP3 color files that are in the library on your computer.
  • If  the PSiO doesn't open when connected to your computer or you can't display its contents, you will have to format it. Follow the instructions found under “Please format in FAT32”.

“Please format in FAT32” message

You must format the device, that is, erase its contents and reconfigure it with the correct format.

Turn on the PSiO and connect it to your computer via a USB port. The “USB Mode” message will appear on the PSiO screen.

  • If you use WINDOWS:
    • Click on the Windows logo (Windows 8, 7 & Vista) or on the “Start” button (Windows XP).
    • Open “Computer” (Windows 8, 7 & Vista) or “Workstation” (Windows XP). The PSiO will be displayed as a new disk.
    • Select it and right click. Choose "Format" on the menu that appears.
    • A window will open with options. Set the "File System" to "FAT32" and the "Allocation Unit Size" to "Default Allocation Size". Be sure that the "Quick Format" box is checked in the formatting options at the bottom of this window. Click on the "Start" button.
    • A warning will inform you that you are about to erase all of the device content. Click on the "OK" button.
    • Formatting starts and lasts about a minute. When finished, a message displays to indicate that formatting is finished. Click on the "OK" button.
    • Close the formatting window by clicking on the "Close" button.
    • Go back to "Computer" or "Workstation" and click twice on the PSiO peripheral. You will see that the PSiO no longer contains any files.
    • You can now load MP3 Color files.
  • You can't format the PSiO for FAT32 if you are using a MAC. You have to use a computer with Windows.


As the purchaser and / or user of the PSiO lightframe you agree to assume all risks inherent to using a pulsed stimulation device. Individuals who are subject to any form of seizure, epilepsy or visual photosensitivity, whether knowingly or not, should not use a PSiO light device. Individuals using a pacemaker, suffering from cardiac arrythmia or other heart disorders, are pregnant, currently taking stimulants, tranquilizers or psychotropic medications, including illicit drugs and / or alcohol, should not use the PSiO light device without professional medical supervision. PSYCHOMED.COM SA assumes no responsibility, financially or otherwise, for your use of the PSiO light stimulation lightframe.