Brain Mapping

This view of the brain illustrates in color the influence of the PSiO technology on the specific brain waves related to a state of deep relaxation (red = alpha waves, the relaxation waves).

The image displays a brain in a normal state of awareness (without audio-visual stimulation); there are very few alpha waves except in the occipital region of the brain, which is an area at the back of the head where the visual area is located. This is very common because as soon as you close your eyes, alpha waves automatically appear due to the lack of analytical activity at that time.

After 10 minutes of audio-visual stimuli with variable frequency, we see that the wave of relaxation (alpha in red color) has spread out in almost all of the brain. This illustrates very well how the stimulations stop the flow of thoughts which causes the slowdown in activity at the cortical level. Short reminder - the cortex is the active part of the brain which is related to intellectual reasoning and data analysis, more commonly known as the so-called ‘thoughts'.